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Insecure Recap: Episode 6 Ready Like

I dabbled with the idea of doing TV recaps for this blog, but I thought that would be a big commitment. However, I’ll make exceptions when applicable; for example, I have to recap Sunday’s episode of Insecure: Ready-Like. This episode succinctly portrayed what it means to be a 30-something millennial by holding up a jarring mirror on romantic relationships and evolving friendships.

There’s Fuckery Afoot

First of all disclaimer: Not All Men Are Fuckboys. Had to get that out of the way, I felt the Twitter fingers pulsingating. Now let’s get to it; Issa Rae stated before the start of this season that she would be tackling toxic masculinity, at that point you could hear Lawrence Hive throwing up their hands in exasperation. People treat toxic masculinity like its a mythical creature, but that’s a conversation for another post. For this episode it seemed as though Issa lined up all the fuckboys for slaughter. Let’s start with last episode’s cliffhanger, Lawrence. As Natasha ( jalapeño popper bae) so aptly put it, Lawrence is a fuckboy who believes that he’s a good guy; a dangerous combination. However, I feel that Lawrence is a good guy who lost his way, although the montage of sexual exploits at the beginning of the episode doesn’t help prove my point. After the touching and mature conversation between Issa and Lawrence in the season 2 finale, Lawrence has been on the prowl. I don’t think Lawrence has been fucking out of hurt, I think he’s been sleeping around for the sheer fun of it and because he can. He’s been a guy who’s only ever been in relationships and wanted to try a new suit on, albeit a suit that clearly doesn’t fit because it caught him chlamydia. Lawrence recognizes this while talking to his friend Chad. Chad, btw was left at the altar after his fiancé found out that he titty fucked two strippers. For y’all who don’t have a clue, absence of penetration is still cheating. While talking to Chad and Derek, Lawrence admitted that there has to be more to life than fucking and paying bills. Lawrence, there is hope for you yet. I also want to add although Chad isn’t a central character, he’s the resident fuckboy of the show. If titty fucking strippers isn’t proof enough, calling Issa a hoe for cheating and using that age old, tired ass double standard, you know he’s the heir apparent to Peter Gunz’s creep squad.

Now on to Nathan, aka Nanceford, aka Lyft Bae. I must admit, I was rooting for Nathan; he brought out Issa’s adventurous side, he pushed her outside of her comfort zone, he supported her dreams, and he’s fine as hell! It was nice to see Issa with someone who supported her the way she supported Lawrence and Daniel. I was rooting for Nathan! But the interwebs and my best friend kept telling me that something was up, as my best friend stated, “there’s fuckery afoot.” You know those situations where you think everything is right until everything is wrong, and you have the playback going in your head wondering what went wrong? Here are Nathan’s red flags. First in the party Lyft I thought it was chivalrous that he was defending Issa and Molly’s honor. No, the man escalated a fight for no reason. 2nd red flag and probably the biggest red flag; he’s a 30 something who’s never been in a relationship. This isn’t far fetched for a lot of 30 something’s I know, including myself. My generation has managed to fuck the sanctity of committed relationships; I blame technology and the recession. But I feel like my generation will make up any excuse not to be in a relationship and we’re never honest with our partners about that; we just assume that all parties involved are under the same terms. When Nathan admitted that he liked Issa, Issa replied, “ I didn’t even know we were allowed to say that.” If that ain’t the saddest but realest 30 something nonsense I’ve ever heard! Nathan not having been in a serious relationship, although realistic, made me raise an eye. My 3rd red flag: who the fuck is carrying around molly at 30 years old?! I don’t care about being at Coachella, when in Rome does not apply here. At 30 years old, even if you’re not fully adulting, the riskiest thing you’re indulging in is going to a club at 10pm and having 1 shot of tequila. 4th red flag (which is one too many): He never hit her up! The girl invited you back to her unfurnished apartment after skinny dipping and you not about to call her back?! I retract my previous statement, there is so much fuckery afoot! Nathan is the new heir apparent to the creep squad.

And now we come to Dro. I’m not gonna give this Gumby looking asshole too much time. He had the audacity to diss Molly after she practiced agency and tried to set boundaries for what was already a train wreck of a situationship. I won’t even give it the dignity of calling it a relationship. Dro is a child who didn’t get what he wanted and decided to throw a hissy fit. Rant over.

Where My Girls At

The second theme that Ready Like illuminated was female friendships. Between Love & Hip Hop, The Housewives franchise, and Basketball Wives, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve lost faith in female friendships. It’s refreshing to watch healthy female relationships on Insecure; and in any healthy relationship you go through your ups and downs and Issa’s crew is going through it. Once you hit your 30s you’ll inevitably find a slew of save-the-dates for weddings and baby showers on your fridge, and as Natasha Rothwell stated in the Insecure after show Wine Down, when your friends make big life choices that don’t include you, it can leave a strain on the relationship. Last weeks episode we found Tiffany having a rare vulnerable moment when she admitted to Issa that she worries about not being able to keep up with her friends and eventually losing them. In the latest episode, Kelli shares her insecurities about losing her best friend to a baby when she learned Tiffany asked another group of friends to plan her baby shower. I will say that it was a bit disappointing to see the reactions about Tiffany’s baby from the other women. Any talk about Tiffany’s baby was very dismissive, so why would Tiffany even want to include her friends in what should be a special time in her life? I found the moment at the end of the show between all four women touching and very relatable. As an adult, lifestyles will change the dynamic of relationship, as well as distance, and personal growth. You’ll look at your relationships and ask yourself, “If we met today, would we even be friends?” You will also find yourself working really hard to keep the good friends that you have in your life and ensure that through all the changes, you will grow together.

Know Better Do Better

One of the other themes of this season is knowing better and doing better. We’ve gone through 2 seasons of Insecure watching Issa and Molly make regrettable decisions. They may know better, but they aren’t doing all that much better. Yes Issa shook up her increasingly stagnant life by quitting her job and made the best decision for herself by getting up out of Daniel’s home; but throwing herself into this half-assed block party project and throwing herself into yet another relationship with little caution, I fear she might be making the same mistakes all over again. But Issa is faring way better than Molly is. The once well put together counterpart to Issa’s awkwardness is looking like boo boo the fool with each passing episode. The situation with Dro, poor choices at work, and passing on the hot Asian guy because she’s “Orthodox Black.” Flava Flav is about to have a permanent spot in Molly’s bed (Flaming Hot Cheetos and all) if she doesn’t get it together. If only we can all make a pack in our 30s: No more fuckboys, no more fake friends, and no more blocking our blessing!

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