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Insecure Recap: Lowkey Distant

In the second episode of Insecure we're diving deeper in to the mystery of what split our resident best friends up. The episode opens with Molly and Andrew on a fancy date night (they doing valet so you know it’s fancy). They're looking very much like a power couple which I feel like is everything that Molly's wanted; a stable relationship with someone on her level. Andrew takes a work call while they wait; it seems like a big deal but Andrew doesn’t go into detail instead he pivots to talking about getting a piece of Molly’s cake then literally getting all of her cake!

Issa and Condola are also making it work as they scout a location for Issa’s block party. Condola shares with Issa that she’s going out of town with Lawrence, which is pretty serious dating territory. Things get a little awkward, but both women share that they enjoy each other’s company and want this working friendship to work. They both laugh over the fact Lawrence puts mayonnaise on his french fries.   

It’s Halloween and all four girls are at Tiffany’s house getting candy to pass out to the kids. These poor kids about to get toothbrushes and broccoli flavored candy for Halloween. Issa gives an update on her block party confirming that she set a date, secured vendors, swag bags, and Tiffany came through with the liquor. Molly is surprised to hear about all of this, Issa has been keeping her out the looop. 

Molly shares updates about Asian bae saying that Andrew knows how to put it down and she’s having fun but she doesn’t feel a deep connection. Issa doesn’t see a problem but Molly wants more from this relationship. Molly plans to put the “pussy on pause,” which Issa scoffs at, she doesn’t believe Molly could do it. 

Later Issa is getting stress relief from TSA bae. I still don’t appreciate dude being used for comedic relief but I give kodos to him for putting it down on Issa, so much so that they lose the condom in her coochie. Issa has to go into the bathroom to fish it out and its the first convo we see her have with her mirror self this season. Mirror Issa tells Issa that, “she’s not mad, just disappointed.” Issa responds, “I know, I’m better than this.”

At work Molly plans a lowkey date with Andrew and after she runs into Taurean and tries to have some small talk, but Taurean, still salty from last season, blows her off. 

Lawrence is on a date with Condola when he finds out that not only are Issa and Condola buddy buddy, but they’re swapping info about him. Lawrence consults with his boys because the whole set up makes him nervous and they agree. "They’re gonna start a podcast about your dick,” Chad says. But there’s no clear way for Lawrence to address this without seeming insecure to Condola and petty to Issa. 

Issa and Condola are having a business meeting at Issa Rae's real life coffee shop, Hilltop. Molly rolls up and seems jealous of the sight of Issa and Condola key-keying. Home girl grabbed Condola’s purse and was ready to show her the door when Issa invited the two of them to hang out and told Molly it would be a good opportunity for the two of them to get to know each other. Molly looks like she wants to piss all over Issa to claim her territory. 

Lawrence rolls up to Issa’s to talk. Sidenote, seeing Lawrence roll up to Issa’s place makes me miss The Dunes! They had a really mature conversation where Lawrence shared that he wants Condola to get to know him through him and not Issa which seems fair. This is also the first time he shares with Issa that he really likes Condola. Between this and Issa learning about their couples trip, I’d feel like I were in an awkward position if I were Issa. Why would you want to know intimate details of you ex's new love life? I'm starting see the concerns Molly brought up.

Back at Molly’s place, she and Andrew are talking over gumbo that Molly made (that’s a lot of effort!). Andrew shares that he’s not in touch with his sister and when Molly asks him to share more, he pulls away. Molly makes it clear that she wants more for them but Andrew thinks Molly can never be satisfied. Honestly, I’m with Molly on this one. As an audience, I feel like we give up too easily on Molly because we’ve watched her repeatedly make the same mistake. In season one, she was ready to walk down the aisle with Jidenna after two dates. But with Andrew, Molly isn't being thirsty or looking for fault in him. She met Andrew in the summer (remember Coachella), now we’re in October and they’ve established that they both like each other; it's not too much to ask that your partner be emotionally invested in the relationship.

Issa is meeting Condola at a concert when she calls Lawrence to see if Lawrence told Condola that they talked. Lawrence didn’t speak with Condola which feels super messy. If you're going to have a talk with your ex (of 5 years!), inform your partner. Molly calls Issa while she’s at the concert to vent but Issa can’t answer and Molly seems disappointed. 

At work Molly is walking on eggshells to appease Taurean but Taurean isn’t having it. Molly doesn’t want anymore beef and finally apologizes for going behind Taurean’s back last season. We’re seeing real growth here with Molly. She’s setting boundaries, being transparent with her feelings, and holding herself accountable. The writers have been sowing the seeds of Molly's growth for four seasons and it was a long wait but spring has arrived and she's finally blooming!

Molly and Issa are on a  hike for Self Care Sunday. Molly share’s that she and Andrew might be done because Andrew can’t open up. Issa’s response, “it seems like you always finding a problem. Sometimes I’m like do you wanna be happy.” I nearly got whiplash from last weeks episode! This exchange is almost verbatim to what Molly had told Issa. Either Issa is just being truthful or this is payback for the truth that Molly shared.  

Andrew calls and apologizes to Molly and tells her he has a hard time opening up. When Molly gets off the phone, she doesn’t share who she was talking to with Issa. We’re beginning to see the rift grow between the two friends. We’ve been watching Issa grow for four seasons now and we’re finally getting to see growth in Molly. In both romantic and platonic relationships, evolving together is the hallmark of success. Currently Molly and Issa only see the person that they knew which hinders them from validating the growth that they are both experiencing. 

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