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Insecure Recap

Lowkey Movin' On


Last night's episode of Insecure was downright cringe-worthy. Molly and Issa have officially come to a head, having nearly thrown hands at the end of Issa's Block Party. For this recap (and future recaps) I will dissect things that jumped out to me and what it would mean for the rest of the season.

Issa + Molly

Where we last left off, Molly decided not to help out Issa by connecting her with Andrew to find a replacement headliner for the Block Party. She told Issa that she wanted to keep those two parts of her life separate. This spilled over into this week's episode when we see the flicker of hope for a reconciliation between Issa & Molly extinguished when Molly finds out that Issa went to Andrew directly for help.

Molly accuses Issa of using people and Issa calls Molly miserable. For Molly's argument, she really has to pull up the receipts because I don't know who Issa has blatantly used besides Daniel in season 3. Whereas Issa tells no lies. Although Molly seems to have it all together with a good job and finer things, she's always been miserable and this manifests in her unrealistic expectations and self-sabotaging that spills into her relationships. What kills me is that she can now self-correct when it comes to Andrew but can't hold herself accountable when it comes to Issa.

I'm really trying to find the fault in Issa through this conflict but it's hard to find. Through quitting We Got Ya'll and putting on the Block Party, Issa is prioritizing herself in a way that I'm sure Molly had to have experienced as a professional woman. This is the type of growth that Molly wanted to see in Issa, but for some reason, she can't give her the credit for it.

Each week I scream at the TV, "JUST FUCKING TALK TO EACH OTHER!!" I swear this season is giving me a new batch of gray hairs and I already have plenty!

Keep your eye on Tiffany PLEASE!

Tiffany was double fisting 2 margaritas, which is me on a good day, but Tiffany just had a baby! She keeps on making these sly comments about being a mom that are starting to raise eyebrows. I'm not an expert, but I'm thinking postpartum depression. In a lot of shows, they will write in pregnancy just because, and you never see how life can really change after a baby. I can appreciate how Insecure is giving attention to how babies change friendships, how they shared honest experiences of childbirth (especially for black women), and what life is like when a baby arrives.

Condolences to Condola

Condola revealed what we all knew, her and Lawrence broke up. Condola was set up to be the more put-together than Issa, but abandoning Issa over her break up with Lawrence was really childish. Not to mention she was childish over a situation that she had intended to be casual. Speaking of Lawrence, why wasn't he at the Block Party? I wonder what this means for Lawrence and Issa now that Condola is out of the picture, but also Nathan is back in.

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