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Hating On Hillary

I promised that I wouldn't make this blog political, but I had to write this because HISTORY! Or should I say HerStory!. Hillary Clinton made history last night by becoming the first women presidential nominee for a major party. *commence doing Beyonce single ladies hand dance* I've been taking time off from social media and I lasted like a day, I had to log back into Facebook to see everyone's reactions to the big news! What I found...crickets. Granted ALOT of my Facebook friends were feeling the Bern, but come on, this is HISTORY! Candidate aside, party affiliation aside, this is worthy of celebration right?

I think the consensus is Hillary was never good enough to earn that title of first women anything; but when did we all start hating on Hillary? Growing up everyone loved the Clintons. I remember when Bill left office the countdown for when Hillary would take his place commenced. Girls had Hillary Clinton posters in their bedrooms a long with their N'Sync posters. Well that maybe a stretch, but I'm pretty sure Rory Gilmore had a Hillary Clinton poster.

So why in 2016 do we all of a sudden hate Hillary? The answer I've been hearing is that Hillary is not trust worthy; after the email-gate, Benghazi, and accepting speaking fees at Goldman Sachs, Hillary had somehow shed her "everywoman" appeal. While I can't argue with people for hating Hillary for all those reasons listed, but I do feel that there is a level of sexism at play here.

In an article in the Washington Post titled, "If Hillary Were a Man," Richard Cohen observes that the hate directed at Hillary is, "akin to prejudice." She's not only judged for her missteps or policies, but her clothes, how much her hair cut costs, how she smiles, how she waves. She said that she carries hot sauce in her bag and people accused her of pandering to the black vote when in fact in an interview conducted during her first run for president, Hillary admitted that she brings hot sauce with her every where way before Beyoncé coined the term, "hot sauce in my bag swag."

Even more frustrating and sexist is how people judge Hillary based on the actions of her husband. Some how Bills policies will be forever reflected on Hillary as if Hillary is not her own person making her own decisions. Did Hillary show support for some of Bill's most controversial policies? Yes she did. Would we demonize Michelle for doing the same? I don't think so. Why is that? Maybe because Hillary decided to stay with a man who cheated and publicly humiliated her and the entire world witnessed this. Maybe its because, as Cohen pointed out, age may play a part: "aging is tough on women. When they are young, they are cherished, adored. But as they age, they become less adored — by men, sometimes, but by employers, too. They have children, complicating their lives. Every day-care center is constructed out of glass ceilings. Sanders somewhere along the line had a child out of wedlock. Imagine if Clinton had done the same now."

One of the arguments for Bernie is that he was never bought and didn't have to play politics. Of course he didn't, because Bernie is a white man. Hillary has her privilege; she's white, born iwealth and married into wealth, but lets not forget that she is a woman. A woman who came up into politics when the spaces available for woman in the White House were behind a clerical desk.

Hillary may not be who some envisioned their first woman president to be,  but her perceived flaws should not diminish her accomplishments and the obstacles she had to face to get here. Our hero's or those who've made history are never perfect; Jefferson owned slaves, Dr.King was an adulterer, Whitney Houston did cocaine but they were still great and deserving of the titles bestowed to them; so does Hillary. Many women have tried before her and I will not diminish them; together they've chipped away but Hillary broke a barrier so we can all race through the other side.

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